Backup Camera for Truck

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that a backup camera for truck is mandatory for vehicles as cars, SUVS, vans and, of course, trucks. The main objective of this new rule is to include rear-view visibility systems included into cars and that means the use of backup cameras.

The rule will be final in about sixty days. New car models should include backup cameras right away. It is a response to horrible accidents which occurred due to the lack of a proper rear view system. Families which were touched by loss -especially of children- have encouraged the law.  

Under this rule, no matter the vehicle you are in, you will need to have a view of ten foot by 20 foot directly behind your car. The idea is to protect the most vulnerable victims from back seat accidents. This means that the main idea is to protect children and citizens from car accidents which could happen if a car doesn’t include a proper system of rearview. So, make sure to include a backup camera to your car. Otherwise, you could get a ticket. The rule will start on May 2016 and it will be completed and fully established by May 1, 2018.